Eli C
A wonderful experience I have been seeing Deb regularly for massages over the past several months, and I have to say it has been a wonderful investment in my health and well being! Deb is a skilled and intuitive massage therapist, and also a very kind, grounded person. As a professional musician, I often have repetitive stress injuries and sore places in my body from spending a lot of time playing and singing. Deb listens carefully to what I share about what I'm feeling at the start of each session, and seems to find all my "spots" and know just how to work them out. She's very responsive when I ask for more or less pressure, and she's introduced me to cupping -- a new sensation for me that I am finding very helpful. I am transgender, and I've always felt that Deb respects and understands how to work with my body without us having to talk about my gender. I also greatly appreciate that she is an explicitly fat-positive body worker, and that she offers sessions at a sliding scale. I've gotten to have massages in both her east Oakland and her Berkeley location, and they are both setup very comfortably. Deb is professional, funny, and caring, and I hope she sees her practice continue to grow and grow -- she deserves it!
Deb is a gem! I have worked with many different massage therapists around the Bay Area and Deb is by far my favorite. She is genuinely warm and listens to exactly what you ask her to do (something I have been surprised not to be able to find in many others). She seems to be naturally cut out for this kind of healing work and well versed in terminology and various techniques. She is friendly and interesting to talk to, and responds appropriately to your cues regarding whether you want to talk or just have quiet time. I plan to continue seeing her on a regular basis and remain loyal to her new private practice, as she is more skilled, reasonably priced, and personable than many massage therapists with many years of experience!
Lilia S
Deb is amazing! I have had both chair and table massages from Deb, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is very skilled, knowledgeable, and kind, and her body-positive approach to massage set me at ease and helped me feel very comfortable. As a fat woman, I am often nervous about seeing new practitioners, and Deb immediately set me at ease. I left my massage feeling incredibly relaxed, having much less lower back pain, and finding myself much more at home in my body. I will definitely be back, and have gotten my best friend a gift massage as well!
James M
Caring and knowledgable Deb asked me what I needed and tailored her care to that, and gave me recommendations for preventative care. She knows her terminology and is a great advocate for self care and love. I'll be back!
Amanda P
Life-changing Experience! Deb is an incredible bodywork practitioner who breaks through barriers around size and ability to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and healing experience for her clients. She is an expert at working with large bodies, is a bodywork nerd, and is always looking for innovative healing solutions to help clients with their unique needs. Deb has been an instrumental help to me in managing a knee injury and an ongoing chronic pain issue with massage cupping. My pain levels decrease and my mobility level increases after every session. She gives a damn good Swedish massage as well! Deb provides the rare opportunity to work with a healing practitioner who loves and excels at caring for large bodies. Check her bodywork practice out, you won't be sorry!
In Appreciation of Deb Deb has a caring, connected, grounded approach to her work. I can count the number of times I have had bodywork on 2 hands and as a fat woman of color I am usually nervous. Never before have I been fully present and in my body during bodywork. Deb helped facilitate that for me in a gentle, non-judgmental way. I came to Deb in need of short-term relief for my recent knee injury. I saw Deb 3 times within 5 days to get my body ready for a big dance performance. In that time, Deb tailored her work with me to my specific needs and used a variety of techniques from deep tissue hands-on to massage cupping to reflexology. Deb listened to me and to my body and was fully aware and adjusted as needed. I just had my dance performance yesterday and I felt strong, confident, joyful and fully present. I highly recommend Deb and look forward to ongoing bodywork with her.
Liz N
Wow! I had a massage with Deb two days ago... and, Wow! I think this is the first time that a massage has had a noticeable, lasting effect. Even two days later, I'm aware of having less pain... feeling better, having more range of motion. And, all of that is in addition to it just being a wonderfully yummy and relaxing event. Both the Deb and her space are warm, cozy and welcoming. I'll be back soon.
Radical Bodywork reviewed! I have had 2 massages by Deb so far, so not too much experience. But, she does a great job, her manner is gentle and soothing, and I plan to become a regular client.